So my hate for being in crowds seem to grow more and more everyday. For example, I hate going in the store and knowing that you have to get more than what you can carry, grudgingly you grab a cart to start on your journey of hell. All you want to do is get what you need and get out of there. Yes, there are people that like to look around. Fine, whatever. But do you think maybe, just maybe that when you are looking at that fabulous little craft that you are dying to have, that you can move your fat ass out of the way so some people can get through? I just love the fact that when you are trying to get through, people SEE that you need to pass, but they still stand there pretending that they didn’t notice you. Even though you looked at their eyes and saw them shift into your direction. So politely you say ‘excuse me’……. Still nothing…. You say it again….still nothing. Well since they are not being respectful of you and MOVING, then they have no right to bitch if you just move their cart yourself and go on your merry way.

Another favorite is when you are walking down an aisle minding your business and some stupid 10 year olds come dashing in front of you cutting you off, not caring what damage they have done or could have done. It’s time like this if your kids did it, you would be annoyed, but deal because they are indeed YOUR KIDS. But when it’s other peoples kids, it makes you want to grab that over-ripe orange and throw it into the back of their head and watch all the juices fly everywhere is sheer delight.

Have you ever been to a Costco on a Saturday? It’s like Christmas every time. And holy shit if you get in  someone’s way of them getting  some free food from the demonstrators,  kiss your ass goodbye.  You will never feel the same way again once you get the look of fury from an old grandma getting in the way of her drinking her prune juice.  It’s so funny how so many people out their try to teach their children to be a ‘good citizen’ and to  ‘do good for others’.  How about teaching your children to stop being such an ass at Costco and realize you are not the only person who has to suffer the recklessness of the other cart drivers. Sometimes I imagine what hell is like, and I think I figured it out. It’s Costco on Saturdays……..