This isn’t going to apply to many people. In fact, many of you will wonder why the hell that I’m writing this and not stating who I’m referring it to. For one, it may apply to many of my loved ones who know what is going on. But I prefer to keep it to myself of who this really is going to. For one, they would probably beat me for embarrassing them; second, does it really matter? I’ll have them read this and that’s all that really matters to me………….
I want to tell you thank you. You will never know how purely grateful I am for someone like you to exist. Thank you for listening to me. Comforting me. Making me laugh, ALL THE TIME! Thank you for all of your advice and also for the times you just listen. Not judging me. For being my light in all this darkness around. You are my rock. I want to thank you most of all, for loving me. You are such an incredible person and seriously, if it isn’t for you now, I would be so lost. You are one of the coolest people I know. I really appreciate you always checking in on me and making sure that everything is running smoothly. It’s so calming to me knowing that I can always depend on you for support with all of this shit going on. Thanks for not giving up on me. Oh and because I’m pouring out my heart and soul, I’m expecting a night watching movies while munching on a huge ass tray of Chik-Fil-A nuggets.

Oh and one more thing…..tell mini Hitler I said shove it.