Ok, I’m not going to lie. I have been having a hard time lately. But I am not one of those people who actually have the guts to be able to go into details with their depression, (Seriously, I give you guys props. That’s just not something that I can bring myself to do. I already feel like I am crazy and I really don’t have the courage to express that.) But I have to say, I love Nintendo. I have been playing Super Mario Bros. on my DS everyday when I come home from work. I can’t believe how much relaxation runs through my veins when I play that. I feel that some parents need to back off on their kids when they play with their Nintendo or Playstation or whatever they may have. The get so angry with their children playing video games because they feel it is a “waste of time.” Well, maybe what you do to relax is a waste of time to us gamers. Of course, the kids should not go and kill their parents off or literally beat them because they get grounded or something. That’s BS. Do your damn chores or homework and EARN the right to play your games.
Any who, normally I draw to get all of the stress out that I have been dealing with lately. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break and do something new to relax in the craziness world that we live in. The best part is every time I play with my DS; my kids come and snuggle up to me to watch. As I keep failing this stupid level that I have been trying to pass for the last couple days, there they are rooting mom on to keep trying and kill Bowser. Talk about working as a team. It’s funny when my boys start getting out of control and overly hyper, I can always bring out my DS and in a blink of an eye, and there they are by my side eager to watch mommy kill Mario over and over again. (I never said that I was that good. Sure it takes me15 times to pass a level, but I don’t care……)

By day, I have to be the responsible adult and make sure that people at my job are taken care of. At night, it’s nice to be a 10 year old again having your best friends be right there with you.