The 80’s rocked. The music, the movies, NOT the clothing, the toys, and of course……. the cartoons. I was in the store the other day looking at the toys, and they just don’t have anything cool like they used to. Especially now that the majority of the toys contain lead. I was remembering when my brother would be gone out with his friends; I would sneak and play with his Transformers. Optimus Prime was my favorite. I don’t think he ever knew. I’m sure that if he found out now, it would just be something else for him to be mad at me about. Oh well. I USED TO PLAY WITH YOUR TRANSFORMERS WHILE YOU WERE GONE. Take that. Wow. I can’t believe that have been I have been harboring that for this long. I know that you have found ridiculous reasons to hate your family, but if this is added to your list, than I have done my job.

Among the other 80’s shows that totally rocked, remember Smurfs? Jem and the Holograms? Thundercats? TMNT? Or even Rainbow Brite??? The 80’s have made history with having the most wanted toys. (Remember the Cabbage Patch riots? If not, check it out here.)

But of course, we did have the tickle me Elmo riot. Even so, everything in the 80’s was so much cooler. There are so many things in the 80’s that I miss, but one thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t want to go back in the 80’s because that would mean that I would have to do the growing up crap again and there is no way in hell that I will go back to junior high or high school. I would have to be locked up for how crazy I would go.

Even so, I still ♥ the 80’s…..