I ran into this as I was reading my google reader and I thought it was funny enough to post. I really like Star Wars. I don’t have everything memorized like other Star Wars fanatics out there, but it is still up there on my favorite movies of all times. I consider myself a big geek. That’s probably why I don’t have a lot of girl friends, but it’s all good. Hanging with the guys is in my comfort zone anyway. As I was saying, I consider myself a big geek and I collect a lot of “stuff”. This is most likely pushing it for me, but I find it funny enough that I just had to post it. If someone made one of these for me, I would still accept it and enjoy it for the fact that not only they took the time to make this for me, but it’s STAR WARS! Speaking of all this Star Wars fun, I think it’s about time to have a movie weekend. So any of you that are actually interested in this fun Star Wars activity, here is the official link…….