Well, actually it’s a new Chevrolet Trailblazer LT 4D Sport utility. And I guess it isn’t exactly new. It is a 2005, but compared the last piece of crap I had, this is new. 🙂 I went car shopping on Saturday and I dragged Derek with me because he knows cars a lot more than I do and he knew what I was looking for. It took about 3 hours for the whole process and it went way more smooth than I thought it would. Once I found the one that I wanted, it was time for the scary part…FINANCING…. Anyone who knows what I have been through, the thought of getting financed seemed almost impossible.  I was so shocked when they told me that they could finance me. (it didn’t hurt that I had a good down payment available.) I can’t pick it up until tomorrow because I have to have insurance to take it off the lot and I couldn’t get a hold of my agent. But it’s ok. The anticipation is just as exciting knowing, that I am getting a new SUV. This is exillirating for the fact that, I was able to do this myself. No co-signer, no asking financial help from family, it’s all me baby. And I can’t believe that I was able to take such a huge step in life. I feel that life is officially moving forward for me. I have also accomplished a huge goal of mine this year. Something I didn’t think I could get done so quickly. GO ME!!!