Ok, so everyone on my team has told me that I should start a website of my own displaying my artwork. I would love to do this. More for the fact that it is for me instead of “trying to be seen.” I love art and love all kinds of art. So I figured until I can get it up and running, I will start putting some of my work on here. (I really need to get my butt in gear and find all of my work. Ah, the joy of moving…..) So first off, here is a picture of John Wayne that I drew. I love to draw portraits and I have many more that I have done. I think that this is ok and that I could do a lot better, but I feel that way about all my drawings. When I am done with a piece, I really love it at the time and then when I look at it down the road, I see all sorts of things that I want to change about it. Well, you learn and apply that to the next picture that you draw. Anywho, I will put more in here as soon as I can find them. 🙂John Wayne