I cannot believe how much love you can have for a person. Not just one person, but 3 of them. Every day when I come home from work and I see those 3 little loves of my life, I know how lucky I am. I love how they notice the little things that many adults don’t realize. When I’m sad, they know. They come to me and show me what love they have for me and give me the comfort that is needed. Yes, it does get hard. REALLY hard. And being a single parent is even harder. But it’s the little things like this make it all worth it to me. No matter how mad they get at me because they can’t have their own way, the instant they see sadness in me, they are there. To me I believe that you have to earn your right as a parent to get to this point. Parenting is NOT a given. You want to be considered to be a parent, than you earn it. Being a sperm donor does not count. You want your kids to love and respect you; you show them WHY they should. You can’t be out of their lives the whole time they exist and then all of the sudden decide one day you want to be a part of them. You can’t toy with their feelings like this! How the hell is this stable for them? You want to be a part of their lives, earn their trust. Show your commitment that you want to be there for them as a parent and keep a steady job, stay on the right track, and make a commitment to yourself that this is what you truly want. Do not expect to have them in your arms this instant. You have a lot to prove and no one to blame but yourself. Quit trying to pass the buck on other people and take responsibility for the things that have happened and that are happening!

I LOVE to be a parent. I work my butt off to be able to provide for them and to be able to have a life. I give them all of my love and support. I would do anything to protect them and to create happiness for them. I will teach them the things they need to know. They are my first priority and I will always be here for them. I made that commitment when they were born. That is what makes me a parent.