January 24,2008

So, the Stott adventure seems to keep going day after day! Last night as I was getting ready to leave work, i got a call from mom saying to hurry home. Apparently, Micah fell into the fireplace (Face first mind you) and smashed his teeth in. That really scared me. Poor kid just could not stop bleeding. I rushed home and then rushed him to the dentist. His front 3 teeth got the most damage. When we got there, everyone was so incredibly nice. The Dentist looked at his teeth and said that he could try to push them back. if he can’t then he has to pull them out. They gave Micah a sedative and an hour later (a LONG hour later. He was pretty miserable) he fell asleep.I took him into this other room and we had to strap him in so he would fall. After awhile later, they finished and were only able to put the two front ones back. his eye tooth got hit too far back. He put a splint on his teeth (Kind of like a retainer) to try and get them to stay. If we can keep the splint in, then in a week or two, I have to take him in for surgery so they can do something to his gums or palate. I really can’t remember all that he said. I was pretty nauseous the whole time. So last night was pretty rough. He kept waking up crying and his mouth would not stop bleeding. Well, this morning is going better than I thought. This kid is a trooper. His mouth finally stopped bleeding and he’s just taking this very well. The hardest thing for him is the fact that he can’t eat ANY solid foods. Not even bread. I feel so bad because this kid loves his food and now for the next couple weeks, he can’t anything but soft foods. These pictures don’t even do justice of how it really looks, but he is having a hard time doing any facial impressions.