February 6, 2008

So here are some updates. Micah ended up having 4 of his teeth pulled out. Poor kid. But hes a trooper and you cant even tell now that he went through so much pain! He likes the fact that his teeth are out. He will get some replacement ones in, but we have to wait until his two year old molars come in. So he will be toothless for about 6 months. Also, this past weekend, Derek and I went with his best friend and his family to Strawberry for a snowmobiling trip. It was amazing! I have not seen snow this deep since I was a kid! When I fell off my sled and stood up, the snow went up to my thigh. And I still wasnt on the ground! This is my first time riding a snowmobile by myself and I have to say, I did pretty good. It was kind of scary at times, but other than that, I had the time of my life. I was especially proud of this mountain I went up. I saw everyone else go up and I was not going to be left behind so I made myself do it. Derek and Brandon are amazing to watch. They both rode their sleds with such ease and I couldnt believe all the stuff that they could do. One of these days Ill get better. Watching Derek has made me want to ride better. I want to do tricks!! It was pretty scary driving home though. It took an hour and a half to leave our lodge and reach the main road. It was a complete white out. The only things that you could see were the poles on the side of the road.

So I think I may have found a new sport I would really like to get into. I really like the rush that you get doing things that you havent done before. One thing I need to remember is that I have not been snowmobiling as long as Derek. I get my tough girl syndrome on and think that I can do what they can, but I cant! Imagine that!!



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