January 17, 2008

Hello! So I decided that I would finally start one of these so family can come on here and check any updates that may be going on. Hopefully other family members catch on because I think it would be kind of fun to keep in touch this way. Unfortunately the only time we are able to get together is family reunions or holidays…..
So to start, here is an update with what is going on with me. I started working at Stampin’ UP! in November. I am in the IT department and my title is Help desk Technician. I LOVE it! I can’t believe it took this many years to finally realize what profession I wanted to get into. Well, with everything that’s gone on in the past 7 years, I really shouldn’t blame myself for not knowing since I haven’t really had a chance to figure that out with the crazy life I was having.
Well, this is just the start of things so hopefully you guys enjoy and post me comments of what is going on with you.
I love you guys and miss everyone like crazy. I wish that we all could get together more. Maybe we can figure something out. Have a great day fam!!