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So I just have to say, I am so excited because I FILED MY TAXES!!!! Woo hoo!!! I am so excited to get that out of the way! And I’m really excited because Heather and I do our annual shopping trip that we have done for the past 6 years. We really don’t spend that much, but it’s just fun to get out and have a girls day. Last year we went to Park City to the Outlet Stores and I took Rylie with us. It was pretty cold actually and we really didn’t find that much. This year I think we are going to the Gateway. And I’ll be taking Rylie with us again. She loves getting out of the house! It’s nice to know that with working your butt off all year has some type of rewards. I’m going to be smart with my return this year. I’m going to pay my mom for watching my kids; pay off some bills (Yea!), put some away for a car payment, keep some out for shopping, and put the rest in savings. I really need to start a good savings in case something happens. At least it is all done. I’m happy because I did it all myself. (Good ‘ol Turbo Tax!)

Oh and I’m really excited because it’s getting to be baseball season again! I have been keeping up on my boys to see how things are going. I just love the Red Sox! Oh what I wouldn’t give to go to Fenway Park and see them play! I’m so excited to see how this season is going to turn out.



So I think that I am starting to get a career crisis. I mean, I know that I am only 27 and I may still have some time to figure things out, but what I mean is I feel really torn into two careers that I love. Once I explain, your first thought may be, “Why not combine them together!” Well, to me it isn’t that simple. Let me explain. First off, those of you who truly know me know my love of art. I love to draw and if it was up to me, I would sit and draw for hours. I also love photography even though I haven’t been able to get into it much, but I do love taking pictures and being able to have fun in Photoshop. On the other hand, I love computers. (This is where the wheels turn on combining the two….) I love figuring out why something is not working, how to make it run better and more efficient, fun things you can add, etc.

So the logical answer to this is why not go into something where you can combine the two. Well see my friends, you have to go to school for that. And unfortunately, that is not an option for me right now. Being a single mother of 3 and working full time, I’m already away from them enough as it is. “So what about online classes?” you may say? Well, there are a lot of art classes that you can’t take online. And there are some computer classes that are easier to just be in class because it can be a little complicating. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job now. I just wish that I could pull a little art into it to satisfy this need that I have. I don’t have time to draw. All my time basically goes to work and my kids. I know that prioritizing could come into play, but I feel guilty enough that my poor kids only have one parent to depend on so I feel kind of guilty wanting to pursue anything more. I want to do what I can to have a happy life for me and my kids and trust me; I am working my butt off so we can have a decent living. (Overtime is going to be the death of me.) For now, the only choice I have is to continue working at my current job, and just try to sneak in any amount of creativity that I can. I really miss the freedom of using creativity. Eventually I would love to be able to work in an ART department, but getting a degree is just not possible now. So for now, here is an example of some fun that I have been having with photos. This isn’t near of what I do, but I still think it’s fun to play around….


Ok, so I know that many of you have seen these pictures, but I just wanted to post some eye candy on here. J


This show just keeps getting better and better.

Lost cast

And of favorite. With his sweet party of 5 tattoos. Ha ha!


Why helloooo……

I really dig the scruffy look……

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